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Well, google for sure is a word’s biggest search engine. Apparently, it requires bigger platforms and algorithms to serve you with relevant results. So, exactly how it works.

We simply search on the search box and get the results. But have ever wondered how google presents your results. It is not as easy as it looks for google to work and manage. It has a complex system that gets the appropriate result of your query from the database and represents it.

Google has to continuously work on updates and algorithms to keep its users secure and filled with useful information. It always researches on new updates for its customers. Google has more wide network than before. It used to come up with hundreds of upgrades a two decades age. However, now it comes up with thousands of them.

The upgrades that google does related to the search engine are called (google SEO updates). SEO means search engine optimization.

Let’s look at some basic questions.

What are Google SEO updates?

Google keeps the search engine optimization score regularly updated to hand over the relevant user data. The updates which relate to Google search result are Google SEO updates. To clarify it, these upgrades are focused on checking everything on the page which includes content (human-friendly or not) and decide the ranking. For example- as if you write content only to rank on google index, google can hurt your ranking through an update.

So, when your site suffers down ranking you can pretty much blame them. Because you might have not to work site like they want you to do.

Here is the list of some major updates that Google has done.


Google penguin update

Launched in – 24 April 2012

Rollouts: May 25, 2012; Oct 5, 2012; May 22, 2013; Oct 4, 2013; Oct 17, 2014; September 27, 2016; October 6, 2016

This particular update works on google since 2016. Penguin update job is to identify the spammy links which include poor-quality data and eliminate them. The sites with unnatural links and only seek to manipulate search results by using low-quality backlinks are under the threat of this update.

You don’t want to mess with this update by adding low-quality backlinks just to rank your site. Because since 2016 by being part of Google, it operates even faster in real-time. It also penalizes faster and takes less time in recovery.

  • Do not add any external link which has security issues. Always link your site with quality and authorized domain.
  • Remove all the harmful links that can put you on the radar of this update.
  • Always look for new links before adding. Google does not put penality on the sites with one or two spammy links. Adding plenty of harmful backlinks can hurt your site ranking.
  • irrelevant links paid links and links created for only SEO rankings are hazards for this upgrade.


Google panda update

Launched in – 24 February 2011

Monthly rollouts

panda. The algorithm is used to find out about low-quality content, thin and spammy content. It is similar to a penguin but it focused more on content. It targets those site which sites which contain irrelevant and non-human-friendly content.

Panda update officially became part of google algorithms rankings. It is applied in real-time on google search results.

  • Write original content. Means do not duplicate the content from other sites. This wouldn’t be a good impression on google if you do that. Check for plagiarism and duplicate data. Compare your data so that it will not be the same on another site. Try the Copyscape tool to observe duplication.
  • Thin content often becomes a problem if you don’t look at them. Thin content means having a little unique and valuable content. The thin content pages are filled with affiliate links and ads containing a less original value. Fix this kind of content with more words and images.
  • The outbound and external links you share on your website should also be relevant and authorized.
  • If you feel to have a keyword stuffing (using too many keywords in order to get search optimization) issue on your site. Identify and eliminate it. Because Panda update does not like keyword stuffing.


Google pigeon update

Launched in – 24 July 2016

Rollouts: December 22, 2014 (Canada, UK, Australia)

Pigeon update boost up the more than 50% of the local search results. That’s what this update does. It is designed to create a closer relationship between the core algorithm and the local algorithm. Which it promotes focus on local searches sites and provide rankings accordingly.

User search has an important part in this. As the results depend on the location. The purpose of this update is to provide local results automatically because the user often looks for local outcomes. For example, if you search for a digital marketing course it will show you results nearby your area.

  • In order to rank your site in local searches, you need to create a Google my business page. This will rank your site on google local index. You have to verify your site ownership and follow the procedure like receiving a pin for complete verification and using relevant addresses such as valid local post and phone number. Remember to give the correct business category to your site.
  • On the off chance that your business is additionally highlighted in neighborhood indexes. make sure that the address, business name, phone number are steady over these postings. Various tend to record for your business on for example yelp may disturb your neighborhood rankings.
  • Optimization of the page is an important part to see yourself on Google rankings. Pigeon update follows the same SEO procedure to give rank for local rankings also. On-page SEO is advisable for you as it needs more effort.
  • Since the competition between rankings is more than before. Get your page linked with local directories is a good idea. But they should be relevant and high ranking of course. For example, TripAdvisor and yelp have recorded high ranking after this update.


Google Hummingbird update

Launched in – 22 August 2013

When you don’t know the particular location about what you are searching for, you sometimes write information in long-phrase. And google hummingbird update provides you search results of your queries by matching searcher intentions than keywords.

It concentrates on understanding the meaning behind the query. Google represents the theme and content-based results in the SERPs list that does not contains keywords. It optimizes synonym usage from time to time. Hummingbird is the vast algorithm update.

  • Knowing the language of your users is a good idea to obtain the search ranks. Hummingbird focus on the meaning of long phrases and sentences, so should you. Learn about the language your audience understands and present your content through it.
  • Social media is a great way to figure the language your users take in use.
  • Unnatural language or I would say non-human-friendly language is a trend among big sites. The usage of this language in the meta description and SEO titles is considered as a rank achiever. However, it can be a hurdle because of hummingbird upgrade filters out these pages.
  • Don’t depend on one word or two-word keywords. Nonetheless, expand the keyword horizon and use human-friendly searching keywords.


Google Fred update

Launched in – 8 march 2017

Fred is one of the latest algorithms updates. Its sole motive is to identify the poor quality search results which create content just to generate revenue and ads. The name suggested by Google’s Gary Illyes. It was actually a joke that he made that all updates should be called ‘Fred’.

This upgrade finds out the sites (which create a wide variety of content, includes low-quality articles on different types of the topic in order to create ads and revenue) and filter them out. The sites which violate google webmaster regulations are under the target of this update.

  • Review your site for low-quality content, irrelevant and useless content. Check for word counts and thin content. Focus on content quality.
  • Fred update does not target ads but low-quality content with full of irrelevant ads. Make sure to write original content.
  • Checkout google webmaster guidelines thoroughly. I know guidelines and terms & conditions are often boring but it is the first step to stay away from this update.


Google mobile update

Launched in – 21 April 2015

Almost every single person owns personal mobile devices and almost 50-60% of people use the internet on their mobile phones. In regards to this mobile update is used to optimize pages on top of the mobile results. And of course, it is a threat to those pages who are not the user and mobile-friendly. Moreover, designing a mobile-friendly site won’t harm desktop ranking. Just design the site suitable for every device.

This update gives the advantage to cover the authority on mobile ranking. Searches on desktop and SEO scores are not being jeopardized by it.

  • To rank your page on mobile SERPs, but we need to choose a website mobile configuration. Google has a mobile how-to for different website application to make it easier for google webmaster
  • You gonna also need to pass a mobile-friendly test to get your site optimized.
  • Illegal content, use of plugins and Improper viewport are the points that make the page target of this upgrade.


Google rank brain update

Launched in- 26 October 2015

Rank brain update is more of a machine-based algorithm. It works within the machine learning process. Google use this update to find better relatable and quality results to the queries.

Rank’s brain not only used to locate relatably results but also works as an SEO page optimizer. It scans the page content, analyses the search result and matches it with the relevant keywords used during the search. It also teaches itself.

  • The rank brain’s one the major use is to observe the relevant and unique elements in your site. You need to do research on competitive sites to see the content they are serving. Take this as an advantage and maintain your page with interactive elements to attracts your audiences.
  • Be aware of your user experience. Like what kind of elements, language and content your user wants. Optimize your page accordingly. you can use google analytics for that.


Google pirate update

Launched in – August 2012

The main purpose to design this update is to de-ranking sites which include copyright elements. Even though Google can not follow every pirated site but this upgrade is successful to prevent these sites.

The sites which create copyright content just to rank good on sites are supervised by it. There are particularly tons of sites that include pirated content such as movies, songs, and games. For example, torrent sites are all based on illegal and copyright content.

  • Do not base your site on illegal content.
  • Messing with other’s people content without informing them is not cool in the eye of this upgrade.

More Google SEO updates are:-

  • BERT UPDATE ( 25 October 2019)
  • POSSUM- provide the result on base of ser’s current location.
  • EMD UPDATE- (September 2012)
  • Google: Top Heavy Update – (January 2012)
  • Google Page Rank Update

So, these are the major upgrades that Google has made to secure the SEO.

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