How many types of SEO?

what is SEO?

In my previous post, you guys learned about SEO? on-off and off-page SEO.

In this post, I am going to tell you about the types of SEO.

Different SEO types bring exposure to your website differently. Every type has its own purpose.

These SEO types provide free and organic results. There is no need to spend costs like google ads.

Although, there are some types that are not legally authorized. Mostly illegal sites use these types to get organic traffic. These websites are mostly movies, songs, and games.


Mainly four types of search engine optimization are there.


White Hat SEO

white hat SEO

This type of SEO is simple and risk-free. Even though it’s not fast but it provides long term and better results without any illegal strategy. You don’t need to pay to get in the search results like google ads. Your ranking will depend on your content and keywords.

This SEO type will put your website at the top of the organic results if your content is unique and useful to read. The content writing and authorized backlinks are the biggest factors in white hat SEO.

White hat SEO follows the guidelines of Google webmaster. It works to get traffic without violating any webmaster rules which could put the user in the risk of spam. Therefore if you are a user with patience and more importantly like stay away from trouble then I recommend you to use this type.

Black Hat SEO

black hat SEO

It sounds like a cool name like hacking or something. It actually is no different than hacking. Black hat SEO allows its users to get rank in a short period of time. In this SEO ranking mostly depends on keywords and unrelated backlinks rather than content or presentation. One of the biggest examples of black hat sites is a torrent where you find pirated movies and songs.

The content in this SEO makes the user experience terrible because it made to create bucks as well as rank. Keyword stuffing (repeating of keywords), irrelevant backlinks, low-quality pirated content full of ads, etc are the tools to turn your site towards black hat SEO. Black hat SEO violates regulations provided by Google webmaster.

Furthermore, you can rank fast by using this type but it could also put your site in spam risk. Search engines are more strict towards black hat sites than before. They banned the site with any sign of black hat SEO. For example, Google has an algorithm called Google SEO updates in which the updates detect the sites with any illegal or black hat SEO activity and spam them.

Grey Hat SEO

grey hat SEO

It is the combination of both white hat and black hat SEO. It is not a safe path to choose because even though Google webmaster does not portray many rules regarding this practice, it has a risk of spamming the website.

The user of this practice includes hidden keywords (like writing many keywords and hide them with the same background color), increasing content length, purchasing expired domains and more. In order to use grey hat SEO users need to be careful from search engine strategies. The risk of getting banned is more while using this type.

Since it has characteristics of both SEO, people usually prefer the grey hat technique. The informative content groups it under white hat SEO, whereas plenty of keywords point towards black hat technique. This type may be an easy way to spread your ideas rapidly but considering the changing strategies of search engines, it could also hurt the rankings as well as domain.

Negative SEO

negative SEO

This SEO practice is new. However, this has nothing to do directly with your search engine result. Indirectly mostly everything. Means the negative SEO influences your website ranks but you are not working on your site to do that.

It is a process of lowering the rank of your rival’s site so that your site gets traffic instead of that. In this SEO type users take help from black hat SEO and hacking. By hacking the competitor’s website one adds spammy and unauthorized links to de-rank the site.

When one business firm attack on the firm with the same business using negative SEO, it will ultimately benefit to the firm when the competitor will fall.

Some people share the view that this SEO is not illegal. So, far we can say that because there are no rules regarding it. Although since the search engine is getting strict it is considered to be an illegal practice. Negative SEO could be a bigger threat to the business.

Origin of the types of SEO

White hat and black hat SEO refers to the “good” and “bad” SEO. In the 1900s western movies hero often wears the ‘white hat’ and villain used to wear the ‘black hat’. That’s where the word came for white and bad SEO. Source Wikipedia.

White SEO user is considered good service provider. However, the one who uses the black hat technique is not customer friendly.

Today mostly use grey hat SEO. The balance between good and evil. Negative SEO, on the other hand, is kind of new which you will study.


Using the right and risk-free technique will always benefit. No doubt risk-free SEO takes time but waiting for a little is better rather than getting spammed your site. Although types like Black hat SEO can also be used carefully with the right practice, it still includes risk.

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