The Internet has brought us to a new era. It has created quite a mark on the human lifestyle today. well, digital marketing is something which is growing quickly day by day due to the internet.

You guys must be excited to know about what is digital marketing? and how it works because somehow it is a big part of the internet today.

Business firms always use different and creative methods to attract a large group of customers. As you must have heard that “the customer is a king of market”. To enjoy a good margin of profit marketers try different strategies to satisfy and of course compete with other firms.

However, digital marketing has open new ways and customers for the business. You can find a significant proportion of customers on the internet where they do all buying, selling and promoting online. So, this the reason companies promote themselves through the internet.


Let’s talk about how do you define digital marketing? Digital marketing is a platform where businesses find their customers online. Firms connect with people through advertisements, email marketing, social media, and websites. we can learn about any item by watching videos and advertisements.

“This is all possible because of digital marketing”.

While traditional methods included promoting products through phones, direct communication, and posters. Today, organizations design websites that enable them to spread not only locally but worldwide also. People easily get flattered when they see something attractive.

Firms meanwhile do research on strategies to take over their customer’s minds. for example, companies like coca-cola utilize their large amount of funds on advertising.

The harsh reality of today’s customers is that they are lazy. They want everything easily. This is another reason why digital marketing is so successful because they prefer doing buying and selling online. Visiting sites and choosing a wider range of products is heaven.

Now you know about digital marketing. You should also need to know about its types.


Difference Between Offline and Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online marketing is no different than digital marketing. why?

Because it is digital marketing. online marketing involves advertising products or items through the internet. In this type of marketing, you will find your consumer on the internet. marketers have to create sites and on sites, they use different strategies to maintain customer traffic.


  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation- It is a process in which we generate traffic ( audiences) on the website to give it rank on the search engines.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA AND EMAIL MARKETING- This technique is used to promote our products or site on a social media platform like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram. Likewise, it is performed in email marketing.
  • LEAD GENERATION MARKETING- This strategy is taken in use for getting attention to promote your products. It’s like making the customer take a look at your products.
  • INFLUENCERS MARKETING- It is a simple technique because all you need is to hire an expert who can spread words about your products among people. As some people tend to believe more from words coming out of mouth than advertisements.
  • CONTENT MARKETING- Designing content for products and promote them to capture the audience comes under this strategy.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETINGWe can increase the supply by sharing the part of the profit earned from sales by another party. It is done under an affiliate marketer.
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING- You gonna have to pay to search engines like google to give your site visibility. In this method, your website will be shown under paid ads results.

                                            Offline Marketing

As the name suggests it is an offline method that does not include internet service. business firms spread brand awareness among people through this.

You must have seen banners, posters, and brochures of reputated companies like Addidas, Flipkart and, Samsung. these are some examples of offline marketing.


  • Newspapers
  • Brochuers
  • Television
  • Posters
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • Banners
  • Pamplets

Some Factors That Make Online and Offline Marketing Different From Each Other.


PUBLICITY :- Online marketing provides you global exposure and it attracts customers from worldwide. You make reach your product globally without having difficulty and hard work. Offline on the other hand have limited marketing as it attracts only those customers who are in range of advertisement.

COST :- Budget is one of the biggest concern for organizations. They need to spend huge amount to  their product brand or publicity. However, in terms of budget online is much cheaper than offline marketing. In offline, marketers need to spend money on advertising on televisions, radio, poster, banners, and many resources whereas, in online they only need to create website and promote it with seo giving ads on social media and search engines which is less easy and affordable.

SPECIFIC AUDIENCES :- Since in online you have variety of customer, you can specific group of customers and fullfill their demands according to them. In offline, you cannot categorize your audiences because the methods are hard to apply.


CONCLUSION – Today almost everything is digital so it is hard to ignore that digital marketing is rapidly spreading its root in global marketing. It has made a great influence on trading since it came into existence.

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