What is a WordPress plugin? definition and functions

what is WordPress plugin and its functions

If you are a WordPress beginner or starting the website then this post could be important for you.

You have purchased a domain and started to write the content in WordPress. However, writing good content would not be valuable until you don’t know how to manage. Although it has become so easy to manage WordPress (CMS application).

previously, the writer needed coding or programming knowledge to update the content. Now, it is mostly done through different plugins. There are thousands of plugins in WordPress that help you to get additional features like fonts, themes and much more to design better content.

What is a WordPress plugin? definition and functions

Let’s move to the defination of plugin.

What is a plugin?

what is plugin?

A plugin software is designed to add additional features to the application. When a user requires adding extra features to the application (the features which are not inbuilt or offered by an application) then the plugin is installed in the application.

The same is the case with Word Press websites. The plugins are written in the PHP programming language. WordPress plugins allow the user to add additional functions to the site in order to update as well as manage it. For example, If you want to make a contact page in your site then there are plugins like contact form 7 and wp-admin you can install. Otherwise, you would need to create it through coding.

Before WordPress users needed to have knowledge of coding. Because any changes that the user wanted to make required coding. These were called static websites. When WordPress introduce plugins, it made site management more reliable and easy. instead of coding just install the plugin and see the magic.

There are plenty of plug-ins that you can install. But choosing the right plugin is very important. Because if you selected the wrong plugin with low quality, it could slow down the site. yes, there is a chance that plugins can slow your site. Therefore, always install the plugin with good quality. How will you know which plugin is right?

How to choose the right plug-in?

When you search for one plugin, there are hundreds of results appear in front. The user might get confuse that which one is right. Here are some points that should take care of before installing the plugin.

  • COMPATIBILITY – The plugin should be compatible with your WordPress latest version.
  • USERS – it is important to look at how many users are using the plugin.
  • RESPONSE – how is the response that plug-in is getting.
  • SERVICE – service of the plugin to its customers.
  • RATINGS – the rating checking is a must.
  • UPDATES – it should have timely updates. So, it looks more genuine and responsive.

So, that was the simple answer to What is a WordPress plugin? definition and functions

My advice for choosing the right plugin is that you can find a plug-in with all these qualities in your top 3 results.

Some basic plugins that the user should add.

basic plugins

There are both free and paid plugins you can get. Although the list mostly contains free and compatible plug-ins. Now, here are some basic plug-ins that can be added to the WordPress site.

yoast SEO

this is plugin is the best plugin to get the SEO ranking right. The Yoast SEO plugin allows the user to plan the keywords in the content and search engine results. Under this, the user puts focus keyphrase, slug, meta description SEO title, SEO analysis, and readability of the content. To know more about SEO check out the post what is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

contact plugins

These plugins are used to make contact page for the site. The plugins contain an inbuilt contact design. So, there is no need for coding. Although the contact form 7 demands a little coding, it is free and reliable.


this plugin offers more customization functions to both page and post. The customer can design the page with more creativity. Mostly pages like about and contact are designed in this.

WP rocket

it helps to increase the speed of the site. The plugin does not require any technical skill to operate it. You can also use Hummingbird introduced by Google.

jetpack provides enhanced website performance, powerful security and lots of tools for content. Post by email, spam-free comments and much more are the additional benefits of this plugin. Moreover, it suggests mobile-friendly themes to the site.
snapshot plugin

if someone hacked your site or it goes down. Then this plugin can help you restore it. The site will be good as new. Your site will be stored in this plugin. There will be no risk of losing the data.

popup builder plugin

The plugin takes in use to create a pop-up style page on the content. When the user opens up they get the notification in the form of a pop-up. The pop-up can be of anything like contact form, about or cookies.


this is also a pretty good tool to draw audience attention as well as web crawlers. You can design your content to make it look appealing. The plugin commands the web crawl to scan the site content and register it. It manages the titles and descriptions too.


duplicator duplicates the site data. If you want to replace the entire site, it can make easy for you. Even though you can only move your site WordPress to WordPress, it is useful for that.

there are hundreds of useful plugins but always use quality plugins. Also, should not fill the site with plugins, it could also harm the site.

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