What is SEO? difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

what is SEO? difference between on-page and off-page SEO

“SEO” the word has been becoming common since internet marketing has spread its roots.

You guys surely have heard it on some point. Must be wondering what is SEO? What is SEO? difference between on-page and off-page SEO? why do people want to learn SEO? what does it do?

Well, it not related to rocket science. However, it has a major role in digital marketing. Because the website needs to rank in the search engine to generate audiences. But if your SEO is not approving your content, the site will not rank.

Let’s clear the topic of SEO

What Is SEO?

what is SEO?

SEO also called “search engine optimization” is a way or tool to get traffic on your website. It optimizes your site on the search engine. This provides organic, free and long term rank to the site. But only when you have creative content.

If your site has good quality content as well as filled with authorized backlinks, the SEO will put it on top ranks on the search engines. However, if the site contains low quality or useless information and irrelevant backlinks. It can hurt the position of the site. it could spam it also.

More about SEO.

Content is the most powerful weapon to get rank as well as traffic in SEO. Because if your audience will find your content interesting, useful and engaging. They will push your thoughts to the top. The same is the case with SEO.

Some sites only create content to get the rank rather than providing information. These sites are filled with irrelevant backlinks and keywords. These are SEO friendly. sites. So, search engines come up with new rules and updates to prevent spam sites with useless data.

For example, Google work on algorithms on time to time. These algorithms track sites that are SEO friendly more than human-friendly and drank them. These algorithms are called Google SEO updates. Each one of them has a different function. Some of the updates also support site to rank.

What SEO does?


In easy language, SEO is like a teacher and it checks all your data on the website or post. The search engine is strict. It wants to provide the best possible service to its users. SEO helps them to complete this job.

Search engines sent their bots (an application that runs automated tasks) to scan and crawl different sites. The page contains more relevant, useful and unique information that comes up to the top in rank. The information on the website must be related to the user’s query then the site will be in top results.

Here are few details of what SEO focuses on to rank the site.

  • relevancy, high quality, useful information, keywords, human-friendly language, not with the motive of SEO ranking, without unauthorized and irrelevant backlinks.
  • For example, you are writing about digital marketing but including links to movies site.
  • Interesting as well as unique content is much more preferred by the SEO. It shouldn’t be copied from other domains.
  • Usage of proper keywords.
  • Content should not be wholly based on keywords but use enough to get rank.
  • synonyms of keywords. SEO gives ranking to relevant and useful keywords.
  • SEO likes sites more with a good quantity of authorized backlinks.
  • Both outbound and inbound links should be related and with high-quality domains.

Therefore, everything should be properly related to the site for on-page SEO.

How to check the SEO of your post.

Checking SEO score is more simple than before because of the CMS platform. Mostly the dynamic sites include this application to manage the content.

For example, WordPress one of the best CMS application manages your content. This platform has plugin installations that help to update and customize the site’s pages as well as SEO.

Tools like google analytics and Alexa show the ranking and all the user information on the site.

Now that we read about SEO introduction. It is time to know about what is on-page and off-page SEO?


on-page SEO

The on-page SEO denotes to the working on the SEO tactics by being active on the page. This is used when you are writing some posts about any topic. The writer has to be careful during writing.

On-page SEO is an important part of a website. Mastering this type of SEO would increase the ratings of the site along with traffic.

Relevant and interesting content, using authorized backlinks, keywords and that you have just read in focus SEO details are a part of on-page SEO.

Let me show you some basic tactics of on-page SEO that you must work on besides content and links.

  • FOCUS KEPHRASE this keyphrase is the phrase which user take in use during searching. Focus on this is important because it will give the site ranking in the relevant results. Use it in your title and content. You can search about basic keyphrases site like keyword planner.
  • SEO TITLE– the title of the post which appears during the search results. It must include a focus keyphrase. The length shouldn’t be too long.
  • SLUG– (what-is-SEO-difference-between-on-page-and-off-page-SEO) well, this is slug which should contain focus keyphrase. It is a URL form of your SEO title.
  • META DESCRIPTION– the short introduction which appears on the search suggestion of the site. Apparently, there should also be a focus keyphrase in this.

The other points that need to be considered are:-

  • The length of the text, the paragraph shouldn’t be too long.
  • keyphrase in title and content.
  • meta description length.
  • images
  • outbound and inbound links.
  • Readability of the content. It must be easy and interesting to read.


Off-page SEO

This means working on the SEO by being off-page or inactive on the site. You are not actually making any changes to the content but promoting it to generate traffic. Stuff like creating backlinks or spreading your content through social applications.

This is the most valuable and useful strategy because it brings your brand or site recognization. There is no use of creating catchy and informative content if you don’t share it. On-page SEO just gives you the opportunity to optimize the content. However, the traffic will come to you only when you share it.

Moreover, social media is the biggest platform to do this job. Today more than half of the world’s population uses a social application like twitter, facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and more. So, what’s the better way to get the audience towards your site.

Techniques to do off-page SEO

BACKLINKS create backlinks of the authorized sites such as Wikipedia.com. These kinds of websites have high authority with high user traffic. Some examples of backlinks sites.

  • Forum sites – these are community sites. Take part in these domains related to your site subject.
  • Questions and answers site – submit unique plus useful answers to the questions (specifically related to your site). Leave the link to your post. Quora is the best example of this.
  • Video sharing sites – sites like youtube have large traffic.
  • Picture sharing sites – Pinterest and tumbler are popular examples.
  • Document sharing – sharing the ppt or pdf would draw the audience’s interest towards the site. For example, Slideshare.
  • Infographics – make delightful infographics (graphical images) and share them.

GOOGLE MY BUSINESS register the site on Google my business then you are ready to attract the local traffic from your area.

Social applications – social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and more are the wider source to get your post viral.

On-page vs Off-page SEO

Share the site on whatever you find relevant with useful.

So, this is What is SEO? difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

I hope it may help you.

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