what is the difference between post and page?

what is the difference between post and page?

I have seen some beginners confusing about the post and page because they seem the same. However, they both portray the different characteristics.

So, lets clear what is the difference between post and page in the post without wasting any time. Yes, you read it right. What I am writing is a post.

What is the post?

what is a post

The post is where writers publish their main content. Your views, ideas, and information related to anything are presented in the form of a post. You can write multiple posts on a topic by categorizing it. But that is not the case on the page. For example, you are writing a post about types of SEO and publish it. Your next post could be about techniques of SEO. So, that’s how you can cover, update and manage a single topic through multiple posts.

The posts are in reverse-chronological order by default. Those posts come first which have the recent publish date (latest post will be first). Moreover, the website home is the place where all the posts will appear.


  • The post can be updated, manage and change anytime.
  • It covers a single topic multiple times.
  • The views, information, and ideas are presented through posts.
  • The post can be grouped into different categories.
what is page

Pages represent the content which includes the general information mostly regarding the site. Such as data about the owner or others. The user does not customize or update pages content very frequently. Because pages like contact, home, about, privacy policies, etc contain information that is mostly fixed for a long time. This type of content in the pages does not require frequent changes.

You can not write data multiple times on the common topic on the page. But each page shows the information on a single subject. For example, apparently on the contact page, you can not put guidelines on the website. There must be another page for that.

The page does not have different categories. It commonly found in the menus section of the website like contact, and about. Although you can show it anywhere according to the theme.


  • It covers all the single topic data on one page.
  • Publisher does not customize pages often.
  • There is no group or category on the page.
  • The writer can change the order of the page.

Here is the difference between posts and pages.

Thank you for reading.

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